Matt Prior Consultant Otolaryngologist
Matt Prior Consultant Otolaryngologist

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Monday 2PM-6PM

Welcome to Plymouth ENT

Mr Matt Prior

- Consultant ear, nose and throat specialist
- Over 20 years of clinical experience
- Private and NHS practice
- Established in Plymouth since 2004

What I do

I provide specialist services for patients with ear, nose and throat disorders. This inlcudes a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for adults and children. I also provide on-line educational resources for patients, parents, carers and professional colleagues. I also provide medicolegal services for solicitors whose clients have ear, nose and throat disorders.


Where I am

My NHS practice is based as Derriford Hopsital in Plymouth, although I do some clinics in Mount Gould Hospital in Plymouth and Tavistock Hospital. Private outpatients are seen at the Nuffield Hospital in Plymouth, and surgery for private patients is carried out at either the Nuffield Hospital or Derriford.



At the Nuffield Hospital there is a dedicated ENT consultation room, complete with all the necessary equipment to examine and treat ENT patients. There is also a sound-proofed booth where hearing tests can be carried out to British Standards. There are additional facilities at Derriford Hospital where private patients can have more extensive hearing assessment and balance testing.




- Flexible fibreoptic endoscopes to examine the nose, larynx and ear
- Rigid fibreoptic endoscopes for examination of the nose and sinuses
- Operating microscopes for detailed assessment and treatment of ear problems
- Allergy testing kits for common airbourne allergens




Although not available in the clinic itself, I can arrange for other services and investigations, where necessary. This might include:


- Blood tests, microbiology and pathology tests
- Independent hearing aid provision
- Referral to other specialists
- Radiological investigations, such as MRI, CT and ultrasound scans




Operations that I perform on a regular basis are as follows. My private practice does not differ significantly from my NHS practice.


- Complex middle ear and mastoid surgery for cholesteatoma

- Repair of perforated eardrums

- Surgery for acoustic neuroma

- Ossiculoplasty

- Bone anchored hearing aids

- Septoplasty

- Removal of nasal polyps

- Tonsillectomy

- Diagnostic examination of the upper airway and larynx

- Adenoidectomy

- Grommets insertion


Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information on this website is full and accurate, it is not intended to replace the assessment of a qualified medical practitioner, and should not be used as such.

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